EU PRO Programme funded by the European Union and the Republic of Serbia
  • Republic of Serbia

Municipality of Aleksinac

Southern and Eastern Serbia - Nišavski District

Level of development - Group IV

Active enterprises - 214

Active entrepreneurs - 1136




Average income




improving business competitiveness


improving business environment


strengthening social cohesion and inclusion

244,980 Euros

195,822 Euros

(80% EU PRO)

49,158 Euros

(20% Co-funding)

54,091 Euros

Provision of a back-up server for the e-permitting system


Improvement of the electronic system for the issuance of building permits through the provision of a back-up server, which will enhance its stability and availability for over 6,500 users that benefit from it every day. Server and network equipment were procured through the project, as well as necessary licences. The aim of this activity was to contribute to the creation of a more favourable business environment by improving the efficiency and transparency of the e-government and, ultimatively, to new investments. At the same time, citizens’ trust in institutions, as well as the quality of services that are being offered through the e-government will also be enhanced.

Project value:

Programme funds:


2,141 Euros

2,141 Euros


Improvement of GIS in the City of Kruševac and the Municipality of Aleksinac

Introduction and Development of GIS

Kruševac City and Aleksinac Municipality have already established GIS, hardware and software, collected and uploaded geospatial data, spatial and urban plans generated and trained personnel already exist. The additional development requires procurement of specialised application to create mechanisms for management and monitoring of public property, which will ensure reduction of maintenance costs and provision of better services of local administration.

Project value:

Programme funds:


51,950 Euros

44,100 Euros

7,850 Euros

190,889 Euros

Roofing and Equipping the Open Green Market in Aleksinac

Local Infrastructure

The construction of a roof and the provision of new stalls will create favourable conditions for both sellers and buyers of agricultural products and crafts. The intervention will also contribute to increasing the number of working days of the market and subsequently generate more income for current 60 producers/sellers, while opening the space for 200 new sellers to rent the stalls. The regulations for the functioning of the green market will be developed and the management of the Public Utility Company and employees will be trained to manage the market.

Project value:

Programme funds:


190,889 Euros

149,581 Euros

41,308 Euros