EU PRO Programme funded by the European Union and the Republic of Serbia
  • Republic of Serbia

Municipality of Bela Palanka

Southern and Eastern Serbia - Pirotski District

Level of development - Group IV

Active enterprises - 80

Active entrepreneurs - 270




Average income


Bela Palanka


improving business competitiveness


improving business environment


strengthening social cohesion and inclusion

174,218 Euros

145,618 Euros

(84% EU PRO)

28,600 Euros

(16% Co-funding)

25,441 Euros

Development of Execution design for the reconstruction of the facilities of the former factory "Femid" in Bela Palanka

Technical Documentation

The development of technical documentation for the reconstruction of facilities of the former factory "Femid”, including the production hall (1848 m2), reception area (185 m2) and warehouse (465 m2), should facilitate investments in economic infrastructure thus contribute to creation of conducive business environment for existing and future investors and ultimately result in the improved living standards of the local population.

Project value:

Programme funds:


23,300 Euros

18,630 Euros

4,670 Euros

Provision of a back-up server for the e-permitting system


Improvement of the electronic system for the issuance of building permits through the provision of a back-up server, which will enhance its stability and availability for over 6,500 users that benefit from it every day. Server and network equipment were procured through the project, as well as necessary licences. The aim of this activity was to contribute to the creation of a more favourable business environment by improving the efficiency and transparency of the e-government and, ultimatively, to new investments. At the same time, citizens’ trust in institutions, as well as the quality of services that are being offered through the e-government will also be enhanced.

Project value:

Programme funds:


2,141 Euros

2,141 Euros


148,777 Euros

Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Cultural Institution "Remisiana"

Local Infrastructure

The reconstruction, including works on roof, heating, new electric installations and lights, air conditioning and ventilation system of theatre and scenes, as well as the provision of new equipment, will improve conditions for work and organising various cultural activities, while enhancing their quality. The achieved energy efficiency will reduce the cost of heating thus enabling the municipality to invest savings in the expansion of cultural opportunities. Additionally, in line with good governance principles, the Rulebook on the use of cultural facilities in the Cultural Institution “Remisiana” will be developed.

Project value:

Programme funds:


129,712 Euros

109,933 Euros

19,779 Euros

Inclusive Academy

Fostering Social Cohesion in Multi-Ethnic Municipalities

Implemented by: Association of Psychologists Novi Pazar

Partner on the project: Citizens Association "Đurđevdan" Bela Palanka

Contributing to increased employability of vulnerable populations (young people with disabilities and Roma) in municipalities of Novi Pazar and Bela Palanka, by building more knowledgeable and skilled labour force, promoting social inclusion of target groups and creating opportunities for improving their living standard.

Project value:

Programme funds:


19,065 Euros

14,914 Euros

4,151 Euros