EU PRO Programme funded by the European Union and the Republic of Serbia
  • Republic of Serbia

City of Požarevac

Southern and Eastern Serbia - Braničevski District

Level of development - Group I

Active enterprises - 722

Active entrepreneurs - 2206




Average income




improving business competitiveness


improving business environment


strengthening social cohesion and inclusion

49,971 Euros

44,451 Euros

(89% EU PRO)

5,520 Euros

(11% Co-funding)

37,316 Euros

Provision of a back-up server for the e-permitting system


Improvement of the electronic system for the issuance of building permits through the provision of a back-up server, which will enhance its stability and availability for over 6,500 users that benefit from it every day. Server and network equipment were procured through the project, as well as necessary licences. The aim of this activity was to contribute to the creation of a more favourable business environment by improving the efficiency and transparency of the e-government and, ultimatively, to new investments. At the same time, citizens’ trust in institutions, as well as the quality of services that are being offered through the e-government will also be enhanced.

Project value:

Programme funds:


2,141 Euros

2,141 Euros


Enhancing Preconditions for Utilisation of Local Socio-economic Potentials through GIS in Požarevac and Veliko Gradište

Introduction and Development of GIS

Požarevac City and Veliko Gradište Municipality identified common interest in developing versatile tourism potential while separately Požarevac relies on its agricultural sector and Veliko Gradište on its business sector. The joint action will put focus on tourism development, support agriculture development in Požarevac and contribute to promotion of investments in Veliko Gradište.

Project value:

Programme funds:


35,175 Euros

29,875 Euros

5,300 Euros

12,655 Euros

Career guidance and counselling for youth from vulnerable groups

Fostering Social Cohesion in Multi-Ethnic Municipalities

Promoting the civil dialogue about the vulnerable youths' problems through the development of the youth career platform and effective communication and cooperation between the civic and other sectors at the local level. The aim is to implement programmes that will respond to the key challenges, such as employment of young people from vulnerable groups, access to the labour market and improvement of the education system.

Project value:

Programme funds:


12,655 Euros

12,435 Euros

220 Euros