EU PRO Programme funded by the European Union and the Republic of Serbia
  • Republic of Serbia

Municipality of Žagubica

Southern and Eastern Serbia - Braničevski District

Level of development - Group IV

Active enterprises - 85

Active entrepreneurs - 245




Average income




improving business competitiveness


improving business environment


strengthening social cohesion and inclusion

177,279 Euros

149,941 Euros

(85% EU PRO)

27,338 Euros

(15% Co-funding)

74,101 Euros

Provision of a back-up server for the e-permitting system


Improvement of the electronic system for the issuance of building permits through the provision of a back-up server, which will enhance its stability and availability for over 6,500 users that benefit from it every day. Server and network equipment were procured through the project, as well as necessary licences. The aim of this activity was to contribute to the creation of a more favourable business environment by improving the efficiency and transparency of the e-government and, ultimatively, to new investments. At the same time, citizens’ trust in institutions, as well as the quality of services that are being offered through the e-government will also be enhanced.

Project value:

Programme funds:


2,141 Euros

2,141 Euros


Promoting of Local Beekeepers, Cultural Heritage and Natural Beauties of the Municipality of Žagubica through GIS

Introduction and Development of GIS

The Territory of the Municipality Žagubica provides favourable conditions for beekeeping that has become one of the priority branches of development in this region. In 2008 “Homoljski med” received the geographical protection certification while 120 operational beekeepers were registered, with over 5,300 beehives. The project will enable mapping of pastures and hives through GIS to support honey production by creating the possibility for equal distribution and covering of pasture areas. In addition, mapping of cultural and natural heritage will contribute to the increase in number of tourists, as well as ensure prerequisite to obtain funds for improvement and preservation. Through mapping of water supply system, conditions will be created for faster implementation of the reconstruction.

Project value:

Programme funds:


71,960 Euros

61,000 Euros

10,960 Euros

103,178 Euros

Enhancing Quality of Services in Health Centre Žagubica

Local Infrastructure

The reconstruction of the heating system and ventilation in the Žagubica Health Centre, founded in 1954, will provide improved working conditions for 100 employees, while around 9,600 patients who annually need medical care in this centre won't need to travel to Petrovac na Mlavi or Požarevac but will have enhanced, quality health services in the municipality. Additionally, the improved heating system will reduce running costs and enable savings in the municipal budget.

Project value:

Programme funds:


103,178 Euros

86,800 Euros

16,378 Euros