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Free Zone Priboj
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New Business Zone in Svilajnac

Belgrade, 30 December 2020

Nine local self-governments improved conditions for investments with the support of the European Union

Conditions for new investments have been significantly improved in nine local self-governments in Serbia with the support of the European Union (EU) that has supported development of business infrastructure with 4.5 million Euros through the EU PRO programme. The projects implemented in Bojnik, Kragujevac, Paraćin, Priboj, Smederevo, Sokobanja, Svilajnac, Šabac and Užice have contributed to a better business environment and conditions for attracting investments and thus increasing the number of employees and living standards of citizens.

A total of 643 hectares of land was infrastructurally equipped in industrial and business zones, where access roads have been built, communal infrastructure has been improved or built through provision of water supply, sewerage and electricity supply, all with the aim of increasing investment potential of local self-governments and achieving economic growth.

"The Government of Serbia has been continuously working on improving the business climate and attracting investments as part of our efforts to achieve sustainable economic and social development of the country while reducing regional disparities. With the EU grants, these projects aim to enhance economic activities at the local level, but also to strengthen the capacities of local self-governments to use the European funds and implement projects", said Jadranka Joksimović, Minister of European Integration.

"Improving the business environment is an integral part of the overall development of local self-governments that with this support have improved business infrastructure in industrial and business zones, tourist infrastructure and thus increased their investment potential and created opportunities for economic growth and job creation," Joksimović added.

A total of 643 hectares of land were infrastructurally equipped  in industrial and business zones, where access roads were built, communal infrastructure was improved or built, i.e. water supply, sewerage and electricity supply were provided. The projects were realised in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration, while the local self-governments participated in the realisation of projects with more than 900,000 Euros.

“The European Union is supporting the economic development of Serbia, in particular by boosting local competitiveness especially in the less developed parts of the country.  Fostering an environment conducive to business creation is a crucial component of EU strategy. This is a long term investment that will return both through job creation and growth opportunities. Ultimately this process should also help curbing local economic migration as citizens will have better access to jobs and services in their own municipalities. The EU is about increasing prosperity and better quality life. This is why we continuously and concretely help Serbian citizens by providing new opportunities, particularly in this difficult economic and social juncture”, said the Head of the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi.

"Seventeen million Euros of investments have been realised in these zones so far,  but more importantly, 780 jobs have been created. It is expected that in the next period, the value of the investment will reach 61 million Euros, and that another 2,655 people will have jobs in new factories that both domestic and foreign investors plan to open in these cities and municipalities, "said Olivera Kostić, EU PRO programme manager, while saying that the implementation was supported by the Ministry of European Integration and the Ministry of Economy as well. 

In the Priboj Free Zone, with the support of the European Union of over 280,000 Euros, the existing water supply and hydrant network was reconstructed and built, which further contributed to improving conditions for business operating and attracting new investors.

"With the support of the European Union and the Government of Serbia, we have been actively working on improving the overall economic and investment potential of Priboj, and reviving its economy with the main aim to increase employment and living standards," said Lazar Rvović, Mayor of Priboj.

In this Zone, covering almost 27 hectares, there are currently 10 companies operating and employing 500 people, while one of the investors is the domestic company Inmold from Požega.

"The Zone is completely equipped with infrastructure, and it does suit our production, while additionally, the employees have experience because they used to work in the Priboj Car Factory (FAP). We have leased a space of 5,200 square meters in the Free Zone, and employed 35 workers so far, with the plan to employ up to 100 workers next year. The company is engaged in production of robots and plastic parts used in the automotive industry, agriculture, food and construction industries, while most of our products are exported to the markets of Europe, Russia, the Middle East and Africa", said Goran Janković, owner of Inmold.