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Čačak, 27 February 2019

Čačak: Plazmateh Company is More Precise with the EU Assistance

The Čačak-based company Plazmateh has received 30,000 euros through the European Union-funded EU PRO Development Programme for the purchase of new machines to improve its business operations.

The owner of Plazmateh, a company dealing with the design and manufacturing of machines and systems for automated production, control units, controllers, machines, thermoregulators, and other equipment according to the specific needs of companies, Branimir Plazinić, is also the President of the General Association of Entrepreneurs in Čačak. Regarding the procedure for the participation in the project, he has said that it was not difficult for the company to meet all the requirements set in the application process.

"The procedure lasted for almost a year, but it boiled down to filling out forms to see whether the company was meeting the requirements: the number of employees, constant increases in the number of employees, a rise in revenue, development, innovativeness, investment in innovations. Investment for the general interest is something that is especially valued, and it carries as much as 30 percent of the overall score. We have received a notification that we have been approved, we have signed contracts and what follows now is the allocation of funds where we will have joint ventures" said Plazinić.

The Plazmateh company will use the funds to expand the company's capacity, purchase equipment, create new jobs.

"It is new equipment, and this will mean increasing the output, we will have a higher capacity and as for the products we manufacture, they will be even more precise" says Plazinić, while calling on business people to apply for funds because a lot of funds are available. "Business people do not have the information about what is available in terms of calls for proposals. I received that information from the Association. We do not have time to look into that, to follow the web sites to see when a call for proposal is published, we only hear about something in the news when the whole thing is over. Everyone needs to hear that they exist and that is why it is very important to be a member of an association, to receive such information. Every company has a chance to obtain resources from a fund, but unfortunately a lot of them remain unused. I urge business people to join us so that we can cooperate," concludes Plazinić.

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Published on 28 February 2019