EU PRO Programme funded by the European Union and the Republic of Serbia
  • Republic of Serbia

Priboj, 24 January 2020

EU finances reconstruction of sports hall within the primary school “Branko Radičević“ in Priboj

The sports hall of the Priboj primary school “Branko Radičević“, which is attended by over 400 pupils, will be reconstructed thanks to the funds of the European Union (EU) that through the EU PRO development programme, has allocated almost 75,500 Euros for the renovation of the facade, changing rooms and toilets, joinery, interiors , ceilings and floors. The sports hall will be also equipped with new sports equipment, thus further contributing to the development and promotion of sports both among pupils and sports clubs. The Municipality of Priboj has co-financed the project with 18,000 Euros.

“As this is the oldest school in Priboj founded in 1888, we strive both to preserve the tradition and to constantly improve the conditions of education for our primary school pupils. It has not been invested in this sports hall for over 30 years, and now with the renovation we will create conditions for children and teachers to have lessons of physical education in a safe, adequate and functional facility throughout the school year, "said Branko Cincović, Principal of “Branko Radičević“ Primary School.

The activities related to the implementation of good governance principles include defining the rules and conditions for the usage and lease of the hall, as well as the use of the funds collected. These activities are carried out in partnership with the Swiss PRO programme supported by the Government of Switzerland.

The contractor, Dekor Invest from Priboj, which was selected in the public procurement procedure conducted by the Municipality of Priboj, should complete the reconstruction by the end of March 2020.