EU PRO Programme funded by the European Union and the Republic of Serbia
  • Republic of Serbia

Batočina, Rekovac, Kragujevac, 8 June 2020

EU support to the local infrastructure development in Batočina, Rekovac and Kragujevac

"The European Union provides support to the overall socio-economic development of Serbia through projects that directly contribute to a better life of the people at the local level, while taking into consideration balanced regional development and support to smaller municipalities in Serbia," said the Head of the Sector for Project Management within the Delegation of the European Union (EU) Steffen Hudolin, after today's visit to the projects that the EU, through the EU PRO programme and in cooperation with the Ministry of European Integration, financially supports in Kragujevac, Batočina and Rekovac.

In Batočina, Steffen Hudolin visited the works on the sports fields, which include the reconstruction of the mini-football field, the children's playground, as well as the construction of new basketball and volleyball courts. The project in Batočina, worth 140,000 Euros, will improve the conditions for engaging in sports activities, especially among children and youth.

In Rekovac, Steffen Hudolin visited the final works on the reconstruction of the Culture Centre, financed by the EU with 72,000 euros, which includes the replacement of the roof, new carpentry, and floor in the hall, renovation of the sanitary block and procurement of new furniture.

"I am glad that the European Union responds to the specific needs of local self-governments, while here in Rekovac we are creating conditions for improving the cultural and tourist offer of the municipality, as the completely renovated Culture Centre will be a place for organisation of economic, cultural and tourist activities," said Steffen Hudolin.

During his visit to Kragujevac, Hudolin, together with the Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovičić and the Mayor of Kragujevac Radomir Nikolić, visited the renovated basketball courts in Veliki Park, which reconstruction was financed by the EU with almost 150,000 Euros.

"I am glad to be in the city again, where I spent part of my sports career, and this basketball court is a place where all athletes, not just basketball players, gathered in Kragujevac," said Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovičić.

"This is one of the best known Kragujevac sports field and I am glad that we managed to renovate it and give to you, children, to use it," said the Mayor of Kragujevac, Radomir Nikolić.

"We are pleased that the European Union in cooperation with the City had the opportunity to renew this court in Veliki Park and to create conditions for playing sports for you, children and young people," said Steffen Hudolin.

Hudolin also visited the business infrastructure project in Kragujevac that with the EU funds of over 630,000 euros included the construction of communal infrastructure and roads that connected old and new locations in the industrial zone, which shows the comprehensive support of the EU to the local level encompassing also improving business environment and competitiveness of the enterprises.