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Čačak, 18 December 2019

2020 EU Calendar – European community in miniature

The Head of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Serbia, Ambassador Sem Fabrizi presented in Čačak awards to the winners of art competition for high school pupils “My European Community“, whose art works adorn the pages of the 2020 Calendar #EUforYOU. The artworks depict how the youth understand the issues their most vulnerable fellow citizens are facing with as well as the potential solutions for their social inclusion.

“The European Union has supported the art competition for high school pupils in the South-East and South-West Serbia for a decade now, and although there are twelve of the best art works on the calendar, a number of participants coming from all over the country was much higher,” the Ambassador stressed. Saying that art is an element that binds us all, the Ambassador congratulated to the first prize winner Mina Lazović, a pupil of the Technical School in Čačak, while Emilija Cvetković of “Nikola Tesla“ Technical School from Surdulica and Elena Zajmović from Nova Varoš High School won the second and the third prize, respectively.

"I would like to thank the European Union for supporting Čačak in the implementation of numerous projects, and it is up to us to continue working on them," said the Mayor of Čačak Milun Todorović noting that the EU is the biggest donor to Serbia, having granted three billion  Euros in assistance. He also congratulated to the students, and told the youth in Čačak to remain equally engaged in participation in the similar activities. 

“The story I presented in my work is bigger than me; it belongs to all of us. It’s a story that reminds us that we have to keep an open mind, embrace differences and offer help even when not asked for,” winner of the competition Mina Lazović explained.

"This is the most important part of the year for the EU PRO programme because we are spending it with young people.  This is also an opportunity to mark ten years of cooperation with the Delegation of the European Union and the Ministry of European Integration on development programmes through which the EU has invested more than 60 million Euros  in realisation of over 900 successful project, ”said Olivera Kostić, Programme Manager of EU PRO through which this art competition for conducted.

Apart from the first three awarded artworks, the EU calendar for the following year also features the artworks of Dunja Timotijević from Kraljevo, Magdalena Garić from Lapovo, Danica Kuzmanović from Šabac, Anja Avramović and Borkica Vojinov from Niš, Katarina Veličkov from Vladičin Han, Nikoleta Vojinović from Čačak, Jovana Janković from Veliko Gradište and Marija Stanković from Prokuplje.

High School from Lapovo was declared the best, based on the engagement and commitment in preparing the school competition and works, and it was awarded a PC and a projector.

On the occasion of Čačak City Day, the Head of the EU Delegation attended the commemorative session of the City Assembly when he received a City recognition for support. The Ambassador said that the EU is the biggest foreign trade partner, investor and donor in Serbia, adding that the EU and Serbia have joined forces to build bridges, roads, hospitals and a better future for Serbia. “I am glad that Čačak is also our partner on important development projects“, Fabrizi said.

The Head of the EU Delegation had an opportunity to visit two projects supported by the EU through EU PRO programme, aimed at improving the competitiveness of local economy. Ambassador Fabrizi first paid a visit to the Science and Technology Park Čačak which, together with the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Čačak, is implementing a project aimed at supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in Moravički, Raški and Zlatiborski districts to start the process of digitization and improve their efficiency and competitiveness. The Ambassador’s also visited the Čačak enterprise Plazmateh that had received the EU grant for the purchase of new equipment to improve production.

The results of the competition can be found on the EU PRO website:  Results of the "My European Community" Art Competition