EU PRO Programme funded by the European Union and the Republic of Serbia
  • Republic of Serbia

Surdulica, 28 February 2020

Community Centre in Dugojnica Village in Surdulica renovated with the European Union support

With the support of the European Union (EU) the Community Centre in Dugojnica village in Surdulica has been completely reconstructed so that inhabitants of this and neighbouring villages have a place for gathering and cultural activities. The reconstruction in which the EU invested 68,000 Euros through the EU PRO programme, included the replacement of the roof structure, façade, joinery, installations, as well as procurement of new furniture and computers.

“Through this project we have enabled 1,500 people from this and nearby villages to have adequate space for various activities with the aim of contributing to the revitalisation of the village and motivating young people to stay and start families here, "said the Mayor of Surdulica Aleksandra Popović while visiting the community centre. She underlined that the municipality has been undertaking a series of activities to improve the living conditions of people in rural areas.

According to the president of the local community Branislav Stošić, it is now up to the inhabitants of Dugojnica to maintain the renovated Community Centre and use it for the organisation of sports and other events, but also as a place where they will together make important decisions for the well-being of the village.

"This project is an example of successful cooperation with the municipality of Surdulica on the implementation of development projects supported by the European Union," said Dragana Novaković, infrastructure sector manager at EU PRO and recalled that the primary school in Suvojnica village was also restored with the EU funds.

By implementing good governance principles, a rulebook on the use and management of the Community Centre will be developed. This activity is implemented in partnership with the Swiss PRO programme supported by the Swiss Government.